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Experts exchange has a patented knowledge sharing process that is combined with the internet to allow them to change the way people of the world solve their technology problems, gather information and share knowledge. The Experts Exchange Team is united to build a collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions. Experts Exchange have been around since 1996 and they have pioneered collaboration and knowledge sharing. Over 3,900,000 IT professionals from over 1000 companies from nearly every country in the world have signed up and used Experts Exchange as a way to solve their technology problems. Experts Exchange offers solutions in the following categories; Microsoft, Apple, Digital Living, Hardware, Software, Developer, Operation System, Storage, Database, Security, Programming, Web Development, Networking and other smaller things. To have access to any of the answers provided by experts one must have an account with Experts Exchange. The account, however, is not free. Experts Exchange is currently offering a free month trial after that, however, there are different pricing options. The first pricing option is a month invoice of 12.95USD, the second is a 6 month play for 59.95US, the third plan is a year plan for 99.95USD and the final plan is a 2 year plan for 189.89. There are different options for corporate use, however.

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title : Experts Exchange - Your Technology Questions Answered
start date : 1996-07-15
owner : Experts Exchange, Llc
street : PO Box 2781
city/state : Paso Robles CA
country/zip : US 93447
email :
phone : +1 805 787 0603
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